Meet the therapist:

Christiane Herskowitz graduated from the physical therapy program in Munich, Germany in 1991. She has been practicing as a registered Physical therapist in Vermont since 1996. While working with Orthopedic outpatients, Christiane always focused on the whole body and its connections, rather than only the area the client is seeking treatment for. 

Christiane started to integrate Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) into her approach in 1998 and then in 2007 augmented her Cranio Sacral Therapy skills with Somoato Emotional Release (SER). CST and SER allowed her to integrate  interest in the mind body approach into the treatments. "CST has changed my entire approach to healing and physical injuriy as well as my treatments and has opened many doors for both my clients and me."

In 2009 Christiane added Visceral Manipulation to her treatment tools. Addressing visceral and intestinal problems can often be the cause of many problems including back problems.  We also  hold emotions in our organs.

Followed in  2011, by  French Osteopath Bruno Chikly's Brain Technique, adding profound work through the brain, eyes and its connections. Brain Technique and Glial technique work by Tad Wanveer has been the key treatment for concussions, migraine and head traumas.


Christiane is also integrating a wide range of  techniques and experiences, like neuro motor reeducation, relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, tips and resources on mindful living and nutrition, plus core strengthening and ergonomics.  Christiane is coaching each client in their healing journey depending on their individual needs.


The newest addition to Christianes Treatment tools is Heart Centered Therapy. This is an approach where trained dialogue techniques allow the journey of the Heart, guided by the wisdom of the body, without re-living the trauma. Allowing a possible transformation of emotional components. The tissue can hold onto emotions, in form of pain and disease, to process into healing. (For Heart centered therapy sessions, there will be a timeslot for 1.5 hours reserved and can not be billed through insurance)






Christiane has attended following training classes at the Upledger Institute, Barral Institute and Chikly Institute:

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy I and II
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy around death and dying
  • Somato Emotional Release I and II
  • Clinical application of CST
  • Advanced CST I
  • Visceral Manipulation I and II (Barral Institute/Upledger Institute)
  • The Brain speaks I (Cranio Sacral therapy)
  • Brain Technique : Level I,II,III,IV and The Vision Class by Bruno Chikly
  • Craniosacral Therapy Touching the Brain 1 by Tad Wanveer
  • Lymphdrainage therapy I
  • LDT for Chronic fatigue, Fibromalgia and chronic Neuroinflammtions 
  • Heart Centered Therapy level I and II
  • CST Touching the Brain I and level II, Glial interface
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