Frequently asked questions about CST:

1. How is a session performed?
The treatment is typically performed with the patient fully clothed and laying o their back. The therapist positions their hands at various parts of the body for example feet, legs,  lower back torso and head, to evaluate and feel the cranio sacral rhythm.  The hands-on touch is usually very light, but might be heavier at times.
2. What is experienced during a session?
Because everyone is different, experiences vary as well.  Patients may relax, and feel structural releases. Some other may talk, recalling memories or expressing emotions.  Some will hardly notice anything while others will experience sensations within the  body, depending on how much your mind is connected to the body.  As you receive more treatments this will help to open and connect the mind with your body and you may feel more sensations, or even emotions or memories. 

3. What do I experience after a session:
Just as every individual experiences the session differently, so does everybody have different experiences after a session. Some may want ot sleep.  Others may experience increased energy.  Reduction of pain or/and increase of function may result immediately after the treatment  or develop gradually over the next few days or over several sessions.
Since CST helps the body to resume the natural healing process, it is common for improvements to continue over some time. Often it is compared to "peeling off layer by layer like an onion"
For some, there might be a reorganization phase as the body adapts to the release of previously held patterns.

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